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Lessons from ICT in Education Workshop in Cambodia

Just returned from the “ICT and Pedagogical Development” follow up workshop in Phnom Penh Cambodia which was attended by about 30 people (Change Agents, Supervisors and colleagues) The workshop was intended to – To support a selection of change agents and their organizations in order to strengthen their network. – To discuss and analyze experiences […]

Who Said This in the Workshop

Let’s play a little reflection game. Pick any statement that you can identify with, tell us who said it what it means to you! And which key quotable statement did we leave out? “A network needs a purpose” “Don’t write too much” “Entering the Digital City should be Simple” “I am a facilitator, not a […]

Food On the Plane – Aha! Which one Did I Miss?

Now, I have a real problem. You see, I boarded a plane at Doha Airport, found in an Arab Country called Qatar. I boarded at 2:00Am. Destination, Vietnam. Vietnam is another small country that fought with a super power – United States of America and won, kind of! The air ticket I had indicated that […]

“Hang in There” – Change Agents Told in Cambodia

“Do not go with the flow. Don’t change this project to do what is simpler  just because …. You are onto something big here with Creativity” were the words (sort of anyway) of encouragement and counsel from Mr. Jacob Rubenson – a management consultant from Sweden to me after my presentation on Promoting creativity and […]

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