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Solfesten 2013 – The Sun Festival in Rjukan

Rjukan VGS is located on the floor of Rjukan valley, a  deep V-shaped glacial valley that was curved out by glaciers some 12.000 years ago. The valley goes without the sun’s rays for close to six months from October to March. So when the su…n’s rays first touch the valley on 12th March, there is […]

Pitfalls of ICT Integration

Imagine teaching in a school where all students have laptops with unlimited access to the internet in all corners of the school.  A school where all the students can ably use the ICTs to find information, and are allowed (or rather required) to accry their laptops to classes. Great! Now imagine yourself as the teacher who is supposed […]

Woken from a Slumber

Now awake, I hope not too late. I want to have this blog, for me and my family. Its about us. Not work, but the things that we care about as a family.   Lesisure Birthday parties Trips School Books being read Letters from my daughters Family roots and all   I am testing to […]

Kalema Golooba Ayub