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Coastal: Photo Interpretation C#2

Study the photograph provided and do the following A. Draw a landscape sketch of the photograph and on it mark and name the following – a headland – cliff – bay – stack – water body – 2 Vegetation types B1. Account for the formation formation of the headland B2. Account for the characteristics of […]

Coastal: Photo Interpretation C#1


Mengo ELIMU 2014 Participants Ready

At Mengo senior school, we have just completed a rigorous selection, training and preparation process for 5 students and 2 teachers who will be travelling to Norway as part of the ELIMU school exchange project. The theme this year is “Gender Empowerment”. Participants will explore gender roles and stereotypes in Uganda and Norway, and compare […]

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An African’s Guide to Interacting with Wazungu!

I invite you my friends to contribute to this resource. How to meet and discuss with Europeans! I hope it becomes a useful resource for all those planning to travel and stay with Europeans. Topics covered include – food and feeding habits 1. Serve only a few types of food on your plate at a […]

Meeting with the Norwegian ambassador to Uganda

Meeting with the Norwegian Ambassador to Uganda

Kuroiler Project

This is the beginning

What does it mean to be in A-Level?

Sunday 5th October found me patched in Uganda Matyrs Senior Secondary School Namugongo to share with and inspire senior five students to greater heights of achievement. This was a rare meeting, organised jointly by the parents and the school as an intervention to a challenge they had observed. Please visit

Kalema Golooba Ayub