American Classrooms Encourage Thinking and Critical Reflection: What Lessons Do We Draw?

I have observed that students express their opinions and reflections on the material they study. Here, it is expected that you read the content before the lecture, and class time is used for reflection, seeking clarification, finding and comparing different viewpoints. Lecturers in Universities and teachers in schools emphasize thinking, and they seek and expect […]

Food On the Plane – Aha! Which one Did I Miss?

Now, I have a real problem. You see, I boarded a plane at Doha Airport, found in an Arab Country called Qatar. I boarded at 2:00Am. Destination, Vietnam. Vietnam is another small country that fought with a super power – United States of America and won, kind of! The air ticket I had indicated that […]

Engendering Media Literacy and Creativity

Most Ugandans, and for that matter most Africans, while interfacing with internet technologies, spend most of their time downloading, consuming content developed by somebody else. Be it on WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube or any other social networking platform, aside from some crude tribal jokes and heavily enhanced selfies, chances are you are more likely to encounter […]

Cambodia – A Shocker of A Place

When you just read about Cambodia or worse still learn of it from films only, you would be lucky to escape stereotyping it as a war ravaged country, surrounded by dense forests and deep, boggy marshes. Where   rural people wear wide palm leave hats and toil away in rice fields. That’s what I thought about […]

Online Threats for Youths

What threats do youths face today as they use the internet day? Obviously, quite many. The challenge  I see however is that many people have tended to reduce all challenges to viewing inappropriate materials (read pornography). Now, we all agree that this is a serious issue. But by failing to examine other threats, we effectively […]

An African’s Guide to Interacting with Wazungu!

I invite you my friends to contribute to this resource. How to meet and discuss with Europeans! I hope it becomes a useful resource for all those planning to travel and stay with Europeans. Topics covered include – food and feeding habits 1. Serve only a few types of food on your plate at a […]

Solfesten 2013 – The Sun Festival in Rjukan

Rjukan VGS is located on the floor of Rjukan valley, a  deep V-shaped glacial valley that was curved out by glaciers some 12.000 years ago. The valley goes without the sun’s rays for close to six months from October to March. So when the su…n’s rays first touch the valley on 12th March, there is […]

Kalema Golooba Ayub