A Beautiful Journey to ILEP 2018

The journey to becoming an International Leaders in Education Program (ILEP) Fellow  and the experiences gained so far can well be summarized as a journey into the future. This journey started in the Year 2001 when together with a team of visionary Educators, we proposed to form the Teacher Internship Project (TIP) which saw a team of 9 Educators visit the Kern High School District in California.



  1. Twesigye Joel Peter says

    I for one know @MrAyub Kalema Golooba for inspiring us students in Uganda . He talks to us like his own .I know him a an effective of successful projects. He fulfills every project objectives especially us at Sustainable Change Solutions .

    ILEP will surely benefit from him being part of the Network and wish him all the best .

    • Hey Peter,
      Thanks for the kind remarks. I recall the days we shared in the United Nations Club, your enthusiasm and leadership. I hope you continue with that fire.

      God Bless!

  2. Hello World!
    We students in Uganda are highly appreciative for the work #Mr Kalema Ayub has done..
    He has influenced us in day to day life opportunities, his work has inspired most of us.
    Thank you #Mr. Kalema Ayub
    Bilton Mweru


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Kalema Golooba Ayub