Retooling Of ICT Teachers at Kololo – 2017

The Teachers’ ICT Retooling Program has resumed. This year 2017, units covered include Elementary Programming, Database Management, Desktop Publishing and Management of ICTs. This training targets 300 Secondary School Teachers from across the Country selected by Ministry of Education and Sports. Click to see the full list of schools The training is conducted by Hood […]

Online Threats for Youths

What threats do youths face today as they use the internet day? Obviously, quite many. The challenge¬† I see however is that many people have tended to reduce all challenges to viewing inappropriate materials (read pornography). Now, we all agree that this is a serious issue. But by failing to examine other threats, we effectively […]

Teachers Retooled in Computer Programming

Teachers of ICT and Computer studies have been retooled to teach Computer Programming in Schools. This comes after Uganda National Examination board chief issued a circular to schools reminding them that the examination body will test students on Elementary Programming principles as outlined in the 2008 curriculum. Many teachers have been dodging teaching this area […]

Is the Concept of a School Computer Club Obsolete?

In an era where ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and Computer Studies are subjects on the school curriculum, one is tempted to ask what role the computer club plays in the school. Are we seeing the end of the Computer club? I dare say, that more than ever before, the computer club is extremely relevant […]

Kalema Golooba Ayub