On-going Projects

– Net Generation Youth ( NGY) Project. This is a collaborative project between students of Mengo and Kyambogo College (Uganda) with students from USA, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Coordinated by Dr. Ronnie Lowenstein, Since 2012

Permaculture Project : This project is based at Mengo Senior School and equips youths with skills, knowledge, values and attitudes for enhancing Sustainable Development and Food Security. Since 2012

– School South/South  Exchange Project

– UCC School Community ICT Training

– UCC Teacher Retooling

– UCC/WOUGNET Youth ICT Sensitization

– UCC/MOES Headteacher ICT Sensitization

3.0       Current and Past Professional Responsibilities

–          Head of Geography Department, Mengo Senior School (2009 to Date)

–          ICT Resource Teacher, Mengo Senior School in charge of ICT Professional Development of Teachers ((1999 – To Date)

–          Advisor to the Permanent Secretary (Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports) on Schools ICT Labs Project implemented in partnership with Uganda Communications Commission (August 2010 to Date)


–          Chairman, Mengo Senior School Strategic Planning Committee (2009 – To Date)

–          Chairman, School ICT Planning Committee, Mengo Senior School (2006 – To date)

–          Founder member and Treasurer, Mengo Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Limited and responsible for the computerized accounting system (2007 – To date)


–          Member on Strategic Planning Committee (The Friendship Resource Group (FRSG)) of the  Friendship – North South (http://vennskap.no/) (2009 to date)

–          Director, Mukalwe Enterprises Ltd, (http://www.mukalwe.com (2000 – Present)

–          Geography and ICT integration specialist in the Geography Department, Mengo Senior School (1999 – To Date)


–          Teacher, Mengo Senior School (1993 – To date)

Kalema Golooba Ayub