Who Said This in the Workshop

Let’s play a little reflection game.

Pick any statement that you can identify with, tell us who said it what it means to you! And which key quotable statement did we leave out?

  1. “A network needs a purpose”
  2. “Don’t write too much”
  3. “Entering the Digital City should be Simple”
  4. “I am a facilitator, not a teacher”
  5. “I don’t have the skill in me to deal with Bureaucracy”
  6. “I don’t yet feel it”
  7. “I need you to be a little bit critical with yourself”
  8. “I realise now that I have been boring my students. We should be vlogging”
  9. “I want to share with you a very expensive Learning experience”
  10. “If you start not good and fail. Nobody work with you next time”
  11. “If you want to succeed in Africa, you should be able to challenge bureaucracies”
  12. “In Networking, start with the idea of what you want to do, not the people”
  13. “It’s important for people to come together. We always learn something new whenever we come together”
  14. “Our vision is basically to contribute to SDGs and the networking will be going back and forth”
  15. “People here are very happy. They have got the fruits of networking”
  16. “Please don’t mind. It’s not personal but I like to intervene here and there”
  17. “Start and fail”
  18. “The most stupid thing I see on websites is ‘What we do’. We should instead have a button that asks the reader ‘What do you want us to do for you’”
  19. “The TV industry has changed in the past year alone than it changed in the previous 24 years”
  20. “The world has moved on. We are now vlogging”
  21. “The world needs creative, agile, flexible people, ready to work hard”
  22. “These network enabled devices, we call them phones, but are not really phones (for  for how long do we really speak into them) have transformed our lives”
  23. “Today, the question we ask is “What do we need to change about business plans and strategies to fit into what we think we know now?”
  24. “Using ICTs should be about Learning, not teaching”
  25. “We already know the challenges.  Let us now focus on the opportunity iin the use of the phone in school”
  26. “We face the challenge of skill mismatch. Many of the students who graduate do not have the skills that employers are looking”
  27. “We have a filter to contextualize whatever good is done in different countries to our different countries”
  28. “We have few scientist graduating, and those that graduate do not have soft skills like the ability to work independently, the ability to work under pressure or creativity skills”
  29. “We need to move from best Cases to Learning Cases”
  30. “When people to start to collaborate, a lot of resources start to come”
  31. “When we envisioned digitization. We made many mistakes. We just made digital copies of the digital world! That is not digitalization”
  32. “When you speak with other people, you only speak a little bit of what you really want to say”


  1. The above statements were made by different people in the ITP followup workshop n Cambodia.

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Kalema Golooba Ayub