American Classrooms Encourage Thinking and Critical Reflection: What Lessons Do We Draw?

I have observed that students express their opinions and reflections on the material they study. Here, it is expected that you read the content before the lecture, and class time is used for reflection, seeking clarification, finding and comparing different viewpoints. Lecturers in Universities and teachers in schools emphasize thinking, and they seek and expect […]

A Beautiful Journey to ILEP 2018

"The ordinary person [in the US] is making it possible for me and my colleagues to be here" – #ILEP2018 Fellow Ayub Golooba Kalema from Uganda speaking at the ILEP Welcome Luncheon #ExhangeOurWorld — TEA & ILEP (@TEA_ILEP) January 5, 2018 The journey to becoming an International Leaders in Education Program (ILEP) Fellow  and […]

Food On the Plane – Aha! Which one Did I Miss?

Now, I have a real problem. You see, I boarded a plane at Doha Airport, found in an Arab Country called Qatar. I boarded at 2:00Am. Destination, Vietnam. Vietnam is another small country that fought with a super power – United States of America and won, kind of! The air ticket I had indicated that […]

Cambodia – A Shocker of A Place

When you just read about Cambodia or worse still learn of it from films only, you would be lucky to escape stereotyping it as a war ravaged country, surrounded by dense forests and deep, boggy marshes. Where   rural people wear wide palm leave hats and toil away in rice fields. That’s what I thought about […]

Treated to Raw Creativity in Karlstad, Sweden!

There are people who leave marks in our memory when we meet them. When I came to do a course at Life Academy in Sweden, I definitely knew it was going to be interesting, but not to the level it has got lately. On Tuesday May 24th, we were informed by one of our programme […]

Did Professor CG Just Flip a Classroom on Me?

For me, that would have been Okay had  this been his only “Crime” today. But, he went on to call upon his other colleague, Professor Lars! Prof. Lars is not your ordinary professor. He delivered his lecture from a distance, 200km away, online! These two professors conspired to jolt me out of my comfort zone, […]

Moyo – Here I Come!

I finally make the journey to Moyo on the Uganda-S.Sudan border via Laropi, Adjuman, Atyak, Gulu; in the process crossing the mighty Nile twice.This place has massive rocky outcrops and tall, dark piplo! Loved every moment. Wonderful, friendly people. Thanks Koma, Atuma and Simon (Headteacher, St. Andrew’s College, Moyo) for welcoming me into your home. […]

FNS Strategic Planning Meeting in Arusha, Tz

Was honoured to be invited by Friendship North/South to contribute the strategic plan development process as the Organisation re-engineers itself to become more competitive. Was delighted to meet partners from East Africa region. We resolved to use ICT to further collaboration between partners, alight our goals and activities for greater impact and involve the community […]

An African’s Guide to Interacting with Wazungu!

I invite you my friends to contribute to this resource. How to meet and discuss with Europeans! I hope it becomes a useful resource for all those planning to travel and stay with Europeans. Topics covered include – food and feeding habits 1. Serve only a few types of food on your plate at a […]

At the top of the world in Tromso

April 2013 was the day I went the furthest North I have ever been.and probably will ever be.

Kalema Golooba Ayub