American Classrooms Encourage Thinking and Critical Reflection: What Lessons Do We Draw?

I have observed that students express their opinions and reflections on the material they study. Here, it is expected that you read the content before the lecture, and class time is used for reflection, seeking clarification, finding and comparing different viewpoints. Lecturers in Universities and teachers in schools emphasize thinking, and they seek and expect […]

Mengo ELIMU 2014 Participants Ready

At Mengo senior school, we have just completed a rigorous selection, training and preparation process for 5 students and 2 teachers who will be travelling to Norway as part of the ELIMU school exchange project. The theme this year is “Gender Empowerment”. Participants will explore gender roles and stereotypes in Uganda and Norway, and compare […]

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Redesigning my Blog

Hi. I have decided to redesign my blog using a new theme that fits my profile. But, redesigning has not been as easy as I thought it would. There are so many new things I must learn, starting with the very framework on which the new theme is based.   First, I needed to do […]

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