Should Parents and Teachers Share Images of Our Children on Social Media

With the proliferation of the Internet and smart phones with cameras, it is now so easy to record special moments and share them with the world. With a click of a button, we can snap photos of our children playing in our beautiful compounds and share them in an instant on Facebook, WhatsApp or any […]

Cambodia – A Shocker of A Place

When you just read about Cambodia or worse still learn of it from films only, you would be lucky to escape stereotyping it as a war ravaged country, surrounded by dense forests and deep, boggy marshes. Where   rural people wear wide palm leave hats and toil away in rice fields. That’s what I thought about […]

Online Threats for Youths

What threats do youths face today as they use the internet day? Obviously, quite many. The challenge  I see however is that many people have tended to reduce all challenges to viewing inappropriate materials (read pornography). Now, we all agree that this is a serious issue. But by failing to examine other threats, we effectively […]

People Call Me a Loser! – Poem

This poem was developed by students in the digital video media project as a basis for their upcoming video. They are taking photos and videos to translate their message into a digital video. I was touched by the message and amazed at what students can do when given a chance and inspired. The photo to […]

Old Kla SSS in VC with School from India

It has been an honour to support Old Kampala Senior Secondary School to connect with a partner school, Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan (PSBB) Senior Secondary School in Chennai, INDIA in an Intellectual Information exchange via Video Conferencing. The video-conference hosted on Google Hangouts and dubbed; A Panel discussion on “Social Media as a tool to […]

Meeting with the Norwegian ambassador to Uganda

Meeting with the Norwegian Ambassador to Uganda

Kalema Golooba Ayub