Food On the Plane – Aha! Which one Did I Miss?

Soaring Above The Clouds

Soaring Above The Clouds

Now, I have a real problem. You see, I boarded a plane at Doha Airport, found in an Arab Country called Qatar. I boarded at 2:00Am. Destination, Vietnam. Vietnam is another small country that fought with a super power – United States of America and won, kind of!
The air ticket I had indicated that I would have meals during the flight, already paid for. And you know I love food! I was excited! When the Captain (Call him pilot – or driver of the plane – announced that we would arrive in Vietnam at 1:30 PM, I am over joyed.
I start calculating my meals. I was going to have dinner; then Breakfast, then break tea and Lunch in just before landing in Vietnam!

After Eating That Food

After Eating That Food

Nice Life on the Plane
Then the captain announced that the journey would take 7 hours and 30 Minutes! I was confused. How come? If it took only 7 hours and 30 minutes, we would be in Vietnam at 9:30 AM! How did I get that? Well, 2:00am Plus 7hr 30Minutes gives you 9:30 AM, Right! “Surely, he must have made a mistake”, I told myself, and I relaxed.
Soon, they served dinner. They had lost of food. I chose Chicken and Rice plus those other things which looked like uncooked Doodo.
We then slept. Yes. You can sleep on the plane. But they never give you a bed. All they give you is a blanket and pillow. You sleep in your seat. But since there are no potholes in the air, you sleep comfortably.

High Speed of the Plane
I woke up several hours later. Our plane was flying over Bangkok. They said it was 11 km in the sky! Katonda wange. That is twice the height of the tallest mountain in Uganda. And it was moving so fast. The Captain announced that were moving at 898km per hour. That is 15km per minute. At that speed, it takes only two minutes to move from Kampala to Jajja’s place at Katende! Only one minute to move from Kampala to Seeta.
At that speed, the plane covers almost football fields in second; like from Bakuli to Nakulabye – One second. Before you have had time to say your name, the plane has moved from Bakuli to Nakulabye! Okitegeera?

Confused about Meals
I knew our next meal was ready. This must be breakfast, I thought to myself. And judging by the aroma from the kitchen, we were going to have it soon. And indeed, lots of food they brought. Some fish, some Yogurt, Some Coffee, Some everything. I was going to have a blast!
Just before I started munching, my attention was drawn to a little TV screen in front of me. It showed we had flown for 6 hours, and we had only one hour left to reach Vietnam. Not enough time to have my Breakfast, My Break tea and Lunch. How could this be? According to my earlier calculation, the journey was supposed to take 11 hours and 30 minutes.
Reading the screen again, I got even more confused. It showed that it was 12:00PM in Vietnam and 8:00Am in Doha where we started the journey.

My Big Question

I don’t know how these things happen. But I want to know  from my beautiful daughters, what meal I should have been served?
A: Breakfast?
B: Break Tea?
C: Lunch Or
D: Brunch?


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