Uganda Marks Safe Internet Day 2017

Ayub submitting during the Dialogue

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), the regulatory body of the Communications Sector in Uganda organised a dialogue day to commemorate the International Safe Internet Day in Uganda. The theme of the day was “Be the Change: Unite for a better Internet”. It was marked at the UCC House, Bugolobi on Tuesday 7th February 2017.

Participants discussed among other, ways in which schools and educational institutions in general, can make the internet safer for children and the youth.

I was honoured to participate as a panelist, representing Sustainable Change Solutions (, together with Mr. Fred Otunu (Director of Communications – UCC), Mr. Peter Mukuru (Director of ICT – UCC) and Ms. Irene Oluka – from UNICEF. The occasion was also attended by representatives from the Ministry of Internal affairs, the police, Judiciary,

Panelists > Irene (UNESCO), Fred – UCC, Ayub (SCS) and Peter (UCC)

Telecommunications Service providers, civil society organizations. The dialogue was opened by the Executive Director of Uganda Communications Commission, Mr. Godfrey Mutabazi.

What came out strongly from the meeting was;
– Technology based solutions to make the internet safer such as firewalls are useful but they by themselves cannot guarantee safety.
– People strategies such as sensitization about cyber threats will go a long way to improve security

Mr. Binoga, Commissioner of Uganda Police in Charge of Child Protection

– Safety will be a multi stakeholder effort involving parents, schools, civil society and different arms of government
– The legal system needs to be strengthen and human resource capacity built across the board
– There is need to break down policies, acts and strategies into more easily digestible content that can be used by the grassroot individuals to foster internet safety for youths

Mr. Mutabaazi, Executive Director , UCC making opening remarks

– Parents play a very significant role in ensuring safety of youths and children, and were called upon to educate themselves and be more vigilant in guiding their children

UCC also called  changes in regulation to enable it tackle abuse of Internet

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Kalema Golooba Ayub