People Call Me a Loser! – Poem

Scene from the upcoming youth video "Loser"

Scene from the upcoming youth video “Loser”

This poem was developed by students in the digital video media project as a basis for their upcoming video. They are taking photos and videos to translate their message into a digital video. I was touched by the message and amazed at what students can do when given a chance and inspired.

The photo to the left has been deliberately blurred.


People call me a loser
A five-star hypocrite and a conman
And it seems like that’s what life has in stock for an orphan
My heart pounds so hard and yet so slow
With the glance at all this blood spilled on my hands
For sure I curse the day I was born
To a world so corrupt and ruthless
No mercy for the poor man
And yet lots of love for the folks
With all this roaring in my brain
I know for sure that there is no hope left in my breathe

I struggle to pull the curtains low for this evil in me
Then the next morning my stomach is a tower of bells
And I hate the fact that I am an orphan
So I struggle so hard to give myself a good treat
A luxurious life with bubbles all over the sky
But then just a coin in hand calls for a sleepless night

I wish I could speak to the soul in every man
To push out the only hope left them to another level
To push them out to the frontline
And encourage them to embrace every opportunity
For in every opportunity there is a possibility

I create a platform for my street mates
To enable them learn the right way of life
To mould a better man in them
And wipe out poverty in their eyes

My community is full of untapped potential
Because of the insufficiency of money
Which has control in all hearts and community

But I believe that with a change in priority
And a negative attitude towards laziness
We will stand a chance to rise
To bring about equality and prosperity
And then all will be well because of the beauty of love

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Kalema Golooba Ayub