Creativity Through Digital Video Media Making!

Implementing a project entitled “Developing Creativity Through Digital Video Media Production” as part of an 18 months Life Academy course has been so far challenging and extremely rewarding. The interest from students and teachers is immense.

Students working on their media project in the computer lab

Students working on their media project in the computer lab

My project requires a lot more time than I had anticipated! But I have given it the time, at the expense of many other things. I felt I needed it started. The enthusiasm of students has been infectious! So engaging that I have hardly had time to scribble a formal report which makes me feel guilty. But I am correcting that this week.

Highlights of stuff done so far!
1. Setting up the project after Sweden. This involved meeting teachers, students and school administration. Also trying to market the project among colleagues I have worked with before who might be able to support the project.

2. Recruitment : Students set about the recruit their peers. The turn up is massive. Over 150 students are interested in joining the project. We formulated an application form which was filled by students who are interested. To date, over 100 forms have been returned!

Viewing media to discuss etiquette

Viewing media to discuss etiquette

3. Discussion of Social Media Etiquette after watching short videos like “Have I shared too much” —

4. Analysis of Media for (for message, Story, audience, style etc.) This session took students through the elements of purposeful youth media. A very exciting moment with them.

5. Using Story Starters and List Poems : The theme of my project is “Developing creativity through Digital Video Media Production”. The focus of next activities was on creativity. We used List Poems and story starters to get students creative juices going. Creativity exercises e.g. List Poems

056. Student Presentations: We use the Process->Product -> Exhibition Model for learning. Students discuss, work and generate a product from their work which has to be shared. This introduces timelines and lets students produce with a purpose. They also realize the value of their work and receive feedback from peers. This is a new approach to learning in our school.

7. Student presentations of their works on creativity. None of the students in the project has ever made a PowerPoint presentation before.  But they handled well.

Project work on a Saturday!

Project work on a Saturday!

8. Hands with presentation software. I had not anticipated this as a potential result of the project. This is supporting students class work. Most of the students in the media project do not offer ICT as a subject. So things are new and exciting. I feel the project is reaching out to those who had been left out.

9. Planning of video messages. Before shooting, students must have a story!  Working in groups of 5 to 7 individuals, students have to negotiate one media project!  It was interesting listening to them. Not an easy task for them given that they normally work independently and in competition with each other.

Shooting photos for their project.

Shooting photos for their project.

10. Photo shoot for production: This is where we are now. Some groups are ready to shoot. Some still downloading from the internet. The photo shoot in school causes=d quite a stir. And more students want to join the project. I feel sad I must turn away many of them.

11. Inspirational stories from students. I am hoping to maintain the early momentum of the project. Students have given great testimonies of the value of the project to them sofar.

Next Steps
– Create a category for the project on my blog!
– Get video editing software.
– Training in copyrights and creative Commons
– More media literacy sessions
– Develop alternative activities for students who I can’t take in the media project
– Discussion forum on Social Media in Schools
– Organise resources

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