ICT Teacher Does it For Me!

Nakato teaching S1 students

Nakato teaching S1 students

Ben Wabbi is a teacher of ICT at Mengo senior school. This guy has made my day with his creativity in. For a youthful teacher, he is also extremely brave; and his efforts are paying off Big Time.

What did it for me this time around was asking senior Two Students to teach senior One Students how to use graphics software to draw objects on the computer. The teacher supervised the exercise but was careful to allow students approach the challenge from several angles as they saw fit.

What a moment! The excitement in the computer lab was palpable. As a father to one other students delivering, an uncle to one of the Senior One students being taught and a teacher, I was filled with joy to see the involvement of the students. Thank you Ben for the initiative!

IMG_1405I had a chance to ask some of the students what this exercise meant for them. They all agreed it was an amazing exercise. They felt that the knowledge and skill they had had value to others. Some wished they could do it more often.

But as with many noval ideas, a few members of staff scoffed at the idea saying that it was a way of a teacher dodging his responsibility to teach a class.

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