Does Anybody Care About Social Media Etiquette in Secondary Schools?

Parents of Our Lady, Namilyango

Parents of Our Lady of Africa, Namilyango

I have been doing career guidance and motivating students to achieve academically and in life. So, this weekend saw me sharing experiences with parents, candidates and teachers of “Our Lady of Africa Secondary School, Namilyango”.  My visits to this school and others, revealed to me a great new need to educate youths about media literacy; so that they don’t become unquestioning consumers of media messages but rather think critically about the messages they get.

Stories abound of youths being expelled from schools because of misuse of these tools

Many parents have expressed a need to teach youths

Teachers Can Teach Media Literacy

Teachers Can Teach Media Literacy

–  the skills identifying scams, biases and misrepresentations.

-The skill of crafting effective media messages in various forms (text, Video, Photos, artistic designs, etc)

Many parents have bought smart phones and tablets for their children, fully connected onto the internet. That’s a good thin in itself but no effort has been made to help these youths with the etiquette.

So, I have started using the platforms I have been granted to enlighten parents about what they could do to keep their children safe.


And I am available to impact your institution.

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Kalema Golooba Ayub