ICT Training for DF Church by ScS

ICT Training in Session.

Member of DF Church in ICT Training

ICT Training for members of Disciples Fellowship Church is taking place at Kololo Senior Secondary School.

The training is facilitates by Kalema Golooba and David Matovu from Sustainable Change Solutions.

The five day training attended by 30 people is focused on word processing, social media and use of internet in the 21 st century.



ICT Training in Session

ICT Training in Session

This is the second such training offered as a way of giving back to the community by the teachers and Kololo Senior Secondary School. Participants will be awarded with certificates of attendance.

The following proposals were made to as a way forward.

  1. That the management of Disciples Fellowship Church connects with other organisations for support in securing ICT Equipment
  2. DFC schedules a regular training program so that participants can systematically be moved from one stage of competence to another. This would result into a certificate of competency rather than attendance.
  3. Disciples Fellowship Church studies the competencies and interests of members so that future training can be specifically with members interests, line of work and competencies
Participants Showcase their Work to The Guest of Honour

Participants Showcase their Work to The Guest of Honour during the Graduation day.

The graduation ceremony for participants took place in the DFC church, at Bukoto.






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Kalema Golooba Ayub