Coastal: Photo Interpretation C#2



Study the photograph provided and do the following

A. Draw a landscape sketch of the photograph and on it mark and name the following
– a headland
– cliff
– bay
– stack
– water body
– 2 Vegetation types

B1. Account for the formation formation of the headland

B2. Account for the characteristics of the vegetation shown in the area

C. Describe the benefits of the bay to the people living in the area

D. Explain the problems faced by people living in the area

E. With evidence, identify an area in East Africa where the photograph could have been taken from




  1. katongole godfrey says

    This is inspirational teaching which makes learning more practical and meaningful. Thanks for this innovation.

    This is a friend who met you at Gayaza high school during the Geography Teachers’ workshop this year. Thank you for the great work. We hope to connect and move forward together.

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